Change Stem Direction

• Aug 1, 2021 - 23:40

I want to change/control the direction the stems go. Any help would be appreciated!


Just curious - do you have some special reason to want to override the default in a specific case? It shouldn't be common at all - MuseScore follows the standard rules of music engraving. Sometimes people have the notion that they need to manually flip voice 1 stems up before entering notes into voice 2, but that's not the case, it happens automatically as soon as you enter voice 2.

Not that there aren't some specific exceptions where you might need to override a default for some special reason, but since it seems you are new to MuseScore, I just wanted to be sure you weren't doing something unnecessarily.

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I am writing a percussion score (I don't think I have the percussion plugin though) and wanted to keep the top line, shaker, stems up and the bottom line, tambourine, stems down. BTW could the reference to the stem be consistent? In the handbook they are referred to as beams. I am having a lot of fun with this program!!

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For percussion, the rules are indeed different, but MuseScore has you covered there as well. Instead of flipping the stems individually, simply edit the drumset definition for the staff to define the voice, head, and stem direction of each pitch. The important thing in your example is to define the shaker to be voice 1 and the tambourine to be voice 2. Do that once in the drumset definition dialog and you're done, all notes will display correctly in that score (or any others that load the same drumset definition) from now on. See the Handbook on drum notation for more info.

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