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• Aug 6, 2021 - 14:30

I am writing out a solo and the chord is G7-9+5. Is it possible to have the -9 and the +5 in small case and above each other (stacked)? So the G7 would be 'normal size' with the +5 etc to the right. Hopefully I've explained that well enough, I have so far failed to find an example on the net to use as an exemplar.
EDIT Just found a version whilst searching amongst various requests. It would seem as tho' it is not possible in 3 but might be in 4


wo!! The chord alterations go into small case. They don't stack but it looks a 100 times better! Thank you Musescore Elves

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if I knew what to do with that downloadable file..

Save that chords_sup.xml file into MuseScore's 'Styles' folder.

Go to Format -> Style -> Chord Symbols and click the 'Custom' radio button, then click the button that shows a folder icon and browse for the chords_sup.xml file:

Enter some chords to test:

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You don't need any custom file to get that result, it happens automatically if you simply set the offset and scaling options immediately below the place where you are setting the custom file. Much better not to mess with custom files, they will be harder to support going forward. Use the supported options where possible.

To be clear:

Stacking alterations is something that is being worked on right now and will hopefully be supported in MuseScore 4. Or you can download a custom chord description XML file as mentioned elsewhere.

But simply superscripting them is already possible, you don't have to download anything special. it's the default already in the Jazz style - simply select it in Format / Style / Chord Symbols. Even without using the Jazz style, you can superscript alterations using the offset & scaling options in that same dialog. So it's also very simple to have full size G7 with +5 to the right.

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