Certain instruments not playing

• Aug 1, 2021 - 05:07

I cannot hear flute or Hammond organ in any score (there may be many other instruments with this same issue but I have not checked exhaustively, those are just the ones I used) when I select/place a note, in playback, or in exported files. I've done everything I can think of other than reverting to factory settings, including fiddling with the mixer and uninstalling and reinstalling MuseScore. I don't want to reset to factory settings just yet if there's a better solution, so any help would be appreciated.


Did you perhaps replace the standard soundfont with a custom one that lacks these sounds? See View / Synthesizer, and be sure the first soundfont listed is either MuseScore_General or some other General MIDI soundfont.

It could be that you formerly used a non-standard soundfont and used the Mixer to select its sounds, but that soundfont isn't there any more. In which case, resetting to the default sound in the Mixer is there right way to go. Be sure to choose the "Expr" version of any sound that supports it, if your staff is set to use single note dynamics in Staff/Part Properties (flute would be by default, organ might or might not be).

If you continue to have trouble, please attach one score you are having trouble with so we can investigate.

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Measure 27 plays fine for me. i verified by soloing the staff in the mxier, also by turning down down the other staves, also by actually remove the notes from the other staves. It is definitely playing. I used the same approach to verify the alto saxophone plays - for example in measure 9.

All my synthesizer settings are at the default. So if you try the same thing I tried and you still don't hear anything, then presumably your synthesizer settings are at fault, so a revert to factory settings would seem in order.

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