Playing notes doesn't play it actually long

• Aug 20, 2021 - 09:19

In the measure 61, some brass instruments doesn't play it actually long, especially cornets and trumpets. I write it as a whole note long, but it plays a half note and a dot(three quarter note)

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Score got last saved with 3.5.2 -> time to update to 3.6.2. Even if that doesn't solve this particular problem.

Anyway, I believe you're hearing the effect of the marcatos you aplied to these notes, which indeed shortens notes to 67%, see the instruments definitions, esp. the gateTime:

      <Articulation name="marcato">
The effect you probably want is:
      <Articulation name="marcatoTenuto">

so use a Marcato-Tenuto instead.
Or use the Piano Roll Editor to lengthen those notes to 100%

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