Computer music and popularity

• Aug 20, 2021 - 15:28

Hello, new here.

I want to ask a question for everybody who has an answer (obviously)!

Do you think computer music is popular to electronic music fans? I mean, I have a whole album written entirely in musescore (with drums) and to my ears it sounds like a pro electronic album. Do you believe the fans will find it obvious it was written in a software and if yes, is it a bad thing if the music is good?


A lot of the discussion I've seen surrounds recording the programmed score vs recording parts with a keyboard controller. But it is usually all the way through digitized, sequenced and put on the grid for further software manipulation. It seems like your question involves using and arranging created samples versus making the sounds with electronic hardware. I think that if you have very good samples and processing tools you can equal electronic hardware, which is the base source actually making the samples. There are a lot of tools (besides your ears) to assess the quality of sounds. it seems that twisting a bunch of knobs on amps, modulators and filters is no better or worse than manipulating a whole bunch of software.

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Thank you for your answer. This is what I think, too. If the music is played through samples but you dress it with the aprropriate effects, than it sound like it is coming from real instruments. In the end, it all depends on the listener. Some might still find it false and cheesy, some others might not mind. But I do believe many bands use samples, they write music in notes through a software like musescore and they still are somewhat established.

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I would only add that the music could (maybe should) be played and recorded with a good controller and pedals, wheels etc. so that it isn't tied to the score clock. It is easier to move the audio around on the grid than to mess with piano roll editor or search the pallette for something. For instance, a fermata has to cover the system when no five players would ever stretch time the same way.

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