Is it possible to see a list of all MuseScore forum topics to which I've subscribed?

• Sep 1, 2021 - 19:46

I checked my account settings and didn't see an option to do so.




In reply to by Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thanks so much! I thought there might be a way. That hamburger menu!

Indeed I see a difference between the My Posts list and the Subscriptions list

... however, in the Subscriptions list, I was surprised to see some posts that I initiated or had replied to, because I wouldn't choose to manually subscribe to those. I'm wondering if there are levels of subscription, like:

a) subscribe by opening the topic
b) subscribe by Replying to the topic
c) subscribe manually to a topic that one has neither created nor replied to

Can I be assured that Subscriptions list is c? That's what I'm looking for—a way to review topics of interest that I haven't posted to.

Thanks again!


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