Another "volta-trick"-puzzel.

• Sep 16, 2021 - 21:26

The attached example shows the (playback)-"layout" of one of my old scores.
How do I get the playback correct (as intended by the composer) without (too many) segnos, codas and jumps etc, etc.
Voltas, play-counts, repeat-lists (and invisible "items"?) is "in the game", but how to make it as "neat" as possible?

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Add a hidden D.S al coda to the 2nd volta and adjust the jump instruction to jump to the varsegno instead. Hide all of those related instructions and your visual layout can stay exactly the same.

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That solves the layout "issue", yes! Thanks again!.
While at the topic: a question:
Would it be a valid "thing" to perhaps have the option to increase playback-count for jump-commands?
That might perhaps help in solving/"ease" some of these volta, playback situations?

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It would break standard music notation interpretation of those symbols; but it could be conceived to work out somehow. Perhaps as a more generic jump-to-playcount-value; defaulting to "final repeat" for normal Jumps and "1" for "with repeat" jumps.

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