Several things I am struggling with - Can you help?

• Oct 3, 2021 - 20:58

I have watched videos and everyone makes it look so easy. It has NOT been that easy. Its been "Throwing Computer out of window" Frustrating.. and I am computer person and have played the piano for years.

1 - I am struggling getting the first measure to equal out in the 4/4 time signature. It will not let me import any more notes. So I have a 1/8th rest, three 16th notes, then 4 more 16th notes with 3rd note of the first set and the 1st note of the 2nd set being a tie. then another 1/4 rest. I want to repeat the set of notes after the 2nd rest. I cant! I have moved the arrow over, and it jumps to the next measure.

2 - I then tried to do a copy / paste, but it includes the rest in the front of the notes and the rest behind the notes. I do not want that. I only want the notes. But then I cant paste it behind the 2nd rest. UGH UGH UGH.

3 - I need 4 quarter notes in the base of a 4/4 signature. I am allowed to be 2 quarter notes then a 1/16th note. Nothing more. WHY ??? ?UGH

The first 5 measures of my score are the same, I cant even get the first measure.
I am sure I it is easier than I am making it, but Gracious!

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Is one of these more what you are after.


If you need to copy measures one after the other, select the measure and hit "R". Rather then copy and paste.

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