Musescore File Explorer & Plugout Framework for Fretted Instruments

• Jul 17, 2021 - 18:34

2022.05.08 |v2.4.4 |GitHub

MuseScore plugin version being developed.



This Excel based "app" allows users to explore the contents of Musescore MSCX files and apply plugouts to the XML score code which can then be loaded back into Musescore.

It is called a plugout, (rather than a plugin), since it runs externally on MSCX files.
It's initial purpose is to host a guitar "Let Ring" plugout.

See these discussions for background info:

Guitar finger picking pattern arpeggios with held notes

Guitar Laissez Vibrer -- playback interpreter --

Guitar "Let Ring" Problems
 Please be sure to read the documentation included on the Guide worksheet.
This covers both the File Explorer and using Plugouts.

Important Security Information

This app is written in Excel VBA, (macro language), and is therefore a security risk. VBA code can do almost anything that you can on your PC. It can read, write and delete files; send emails; install a virus etc. Because of this you should verify that this app is trustworthy and will not damage your computer before using it.

The best way to do this is to inspect all the VBA code modules, including worksheet and workbook modules. Since the macro code autoruns on opening the file you should first disable macros in Excel's Trust Center until you have verified the app's safety.

Use Windows PowerShell to confirm that the MuseFx.xlsm that you download has not been altered since I uploaded it. Run the get-filehash command and check the resulting hash. If there are any differences then do not use the downloaded file.




• Multiple voices and standard notation linked to TAB are now supported.
• Tuplets are nearly ready.
• Release will be 1.1

• Current version is fully multi-voice capable.
• Now works with standard notation + TAB linked scores.
• Ring through chord symbols has been improved.
• A couple of bugs have been squished.
• Options to limit maximum ring have been added.

(Handling of tuplets and arpeggio stretches are in progress.)

Arpeggio stretches are complete, just though pesky tuplets to deal with.

It should be quite easy to port the app to Google Sheets or HTML/JavaScript.

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Version 2.4 is now available.
• This adds a randomization option to score accenting.
• The file explorer has new colour formatting options


Please take a copy of any .mscz files before applying plugouts.

• Any questions are welcome.
• There is a user guide built-in to the workbook and details of how to use the various parameters for each plugout.
• The source code is unprotected and free for you to modify, so you can add your own plugouts.

• Limited Let Ring processing to quarter notes or shorter. Longer notes are better managed with ties.

• Let Ring plugout now support swung eighths via a parameter

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