Published score has mangled format

• Oct 15, 2021 - 22:27

When I have a score that I have finished in the musescore app and try to publish it, the format on the published score is mangled. Systems broken at odd places, one bar systems, big gaps, text disappears or appears in the wrong place, so that a 2 page score ends up 4 pages with very odd systems, looks quite unlike the score in the app..

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By "publish", do you mean, uploading to the score-sharing website Keep in mind they don't have every font known to mankind, just a small set of ones that are the most common across all different systems. So if you want your score to look the same on other people's systems - including - as it does on yours, you need to limit yourself to the same fonts. Otherwise, the other system will substitute other fonts that may be narrower or wider, leading to what you're describing. When in doubt, just stick to the default fonts for this purpose (eg, Edwin for text) but if you want a sans serif font, use FreeSans, and if you need a serif font with characters not found in Edwin, use FreeSerif. Those are the only fonts you can depend on everyone else having, even if there might be some other common ones like Arial that are present on "most" systems.

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Yes, that's exactly what I mean. That's very helpful, I will see what I can do to get it to convert to the Edwin font. I said no to that dialogue box and clicked for it not to ask me again, but it will have to find out how to reverse that. I write in Finale and then try to export an xml file, and suspect that is the problem.

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Ah. MusicXML can be pretty difficult about "baking in" custom fonts, but it's usually possible to undo it. Try going to Format / Style and clicking "Reset All Styles to Default", then also do Format Rest Text Style Overrides. With luck, that' might be all that's needed. But worst case, you might all need to do things like select all lyrics (right-click one, Select / All Similar Elements) then click Remove Custom Formatting in the Inspector. And the same for other text types (tempo, staff, etc). But on this particular score, it seems the first step only is probably enough.

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