Backup on Musescore

• Oct 16, 2021 - 02:06

I accidentally said no when musescore asked me if I wanted to save the file, because I thought it was speaking of the other file I had opened in the app. I have tried to use the recover backup guide on this website, but I can only find empty files. My computer says though that I have turned on the autosave (every 2 min.), so I don't understand why it hasn't saved it.
It was many hours of work (yeah, I know it was stupid not to save it), so is there (god help me) anyway I can get it back?


If you literally never ever saved it even once in all those many hours, then indeed, it was never saved, and the autosave version would be deleted if you ever closed MuseScore after that. If you left MuseScore running, it won't have deleted the autosave yet, But it sounds like you checked those autosave files and came up blank, so I'm guessing that means you in fact close MuseScore as well as not save your files. Either of those alone you could recover from, but unfortunately not both.

In the future, keep in mind that the autosave is only for disaster recovery, it's still expected you will save the file normally. And not just once just closing after hours, but on a regular basis, same as with other computer programs. Sorry if this means some lost work in this case. But hopefully you remember something of what you did and can recreate it more quickly, perhaps even better this time!

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