Can't upload a certain musescore file

• Oct 16, 2021 - 04:10

Heyo! I've been uploading many scores to this platform for the past 2 years and this is the first time I have encountered this problem, and I can't seem to solve it by myself, so I have decided to take my queries here. Basically, I want to upload this song that I've transcribed, but the page has been stuck at the rotating circle for ages. I tried several things to solve this problem on my part, but none of them seem to work:

  • Waiting for more than 30 minutes (My scores usually get uploaded in less than a minute)
  • Refreshing the page multiple times and adding back the score to upload
  • Duplicating the score and uploading that one
  • Uploading via both methods of 'Dragging the file from my desktop to the musescore icon' and 'Searching the musescore file from my desktop files'

After many futile attempts of uploading this particular score, I experimented with other scores of mine that I had done up and not posted as of that time, but experienced no issue in uploading them. Therefore, I have reached 2 possible conclusions:

  • That file of mine is corrupted
  • That file of mine is too big

I'm guessing it's the second point though, for all my other musescore files (even my biggest and longest ones, like Jonathan's theme from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) are usually less than 1 MB, but this one, despite its similar length to other scores of mine, is 10.5 MB - Which is (relatively) extremely big: I'm not sure why it is and I'm not sure how to make it smaller, or just get the score uploaded. Would anyone here be able to fix this problem? Thank you!

P.S. I tried uploading my file here, too, but it states that the maximum upload size is 4MB. does this apply to uploading scores to the site, too? If it is, then I have the answer to my question, but if it is, how do I make my file smaller?


Looks like you're trying to upload from the score-sharing website In which case,e you'd need to go over there to that site for assistance. Or, try to upload directly from MuseScore using Save Online, that might work better. Or it could be a temporary glitch on that site and maybe it will just work for you, In any case, again, for questions about, best to ask over there.

You are right, though, that 10 MB is pretty surprisingly large. Did you perhaps attach a very large image? Maybe try uploading the Dropbox or Google Drive or some other service and attaching a link here, so we can investigate what is going on with the score.

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Thank you for your prompt reply! I suspected that it was my photo even before you had pointed it out, but when I deleted it the file size didn't decrease at all, despite me removing all traces of the picture from my score, including that on the separated parts, so I didn't think that to be the issue... I only realised that my file was too large cause of the photo I attached to it (10.4 MB alone O_O) when you reminded me about it and I checked out it's whopping size Xdd

Anyways, I didn't manage to bring down the size of the file (I have a workaround in mind but it's probably too tedious to do), but managed to upload it in the end thanks to your help - I didn't know about the 'Save Online' feature till you told me about it, and it managed to upload the bulky score of mine in no time! Thank you once again and hope that you have a great day ahead :)

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You can manually remove an image from the mscz by using an archiving tool such as 7-zip.

Another workaround could be to Save As and choose mscx as the file type, then reopen that mscx and save again as mscz. This will lose all pictures in your score (and thus reduce the file size).

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Nope - I uploaded another score of mine that I could upload before Mr. Sabatella replied me, but after he helped me out I managed to upload the other score I was talking about, though I deleted it immediately that one after it uploaded as I felt like saving it for my post next week Xdd But no worries, I'm definitely able to upload the score I had difficulties with now! Thank you :)

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