• Oct 16, 2021 - 20:13

Does anyone know how to add Opening and Closing Brackets or Braces? The documentation doesn't seem to have a clear way to do this. Also the palette only has left brackets. Here's an example of what I'm trying to reproduce.

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The standard palettes provide suitable opening and closing symbols:
- Accidentals palette (square brackets and curved parentheses)
- Noteheads palette (curved parentheses only)

For anything else I think you have to open the Master palette (shortcut Z) and search the Symbols for bracket, brace or paren. There are certainly opening and closing versions there, but those symbols don't "behave nicely" for note spacing like the symbols from the Accidentals and Noteheads palettes.

You have brackets at the start of the sysrtem and winged repeat barlines. Therte's no such thing as a closing bracket in Music or MuseScore, but there is a start- and an end-repeat barline, and repeat barlines can have wings, see Format > Style > Barlines and tick "Show repeat barlines tips ("winged repeats")"
These do indeed look quite similar to the 'normal' brackets, except for the ":" that goes along with them.

The Jazz templates have them enabled by default BTW (and your image seems to indicate a "jazzy" style).

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