Find out instrument - after Change Instrument

• Oct 20, 2021 - 09:38

Is there a way to find out what instrument is used in a score once a change instrument instruction has been given?

I downloaded a score of some medieval music, which had been arranged for electronic instruments. It was easy to change to more regular instruments - say flute, oboe, bassoons. However in one of the (now) bassoon parts there is a clear change of soune - and there is a Change instrument mark in the part. Is it possible to find out what instrument that was changed to?

Trying to find out by looking at the mixer doesn't help.
The Inspector doesn't help, either.


Did you try right-click on the "change instrument mark" in the part (or main score)? There should be an option to see and modify it there. (or possibly in the inspector)

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I thought I had done that.

See this score -
There is a pause about 4 bars before the end and an instrument change (not visible!).
If possible, I'd like to find out what that change was - though in the overall scheme of things it's not important.

However I thought it shold be possible to find out given fairly "normal" approaches to processing MuseScore files.

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If you mean the "ch" in tenor part, it seems there is no actual change - the instrument is set to Tenor, same as it was before. select the text and press "Select instrument" in the Inspector to see what it is set to do. You can also see the current instrument in effect anywhere in the score using Staff/Part Properties - it pays attention to where in the score you right-clicked to get there and shows the appropriate info.

While the instrument itself didn't change, it seems the person who created this used the "dummy" instrument change as a way of creating a new mixer subchannel, and then changed the playback sound for the instrument in the mixer directly (from Fantasia to "Syn. Strings 1 Expr." You can see the playback sounds for the subchannels by opening up the channel strip in the mixer with the arrow button at top of the strip.

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