• Oct 21, 2021 - 13:37

Every time I open MuseScore 3 I get an update window. When I try to update my choices are close the window, repair the program or delete the program. So I pick repair, it does its thing and then it goes to the program. But tomorrow when I open the program it'll do the same thing. There's a big long number for the update--3.6.numbers. What gives?


Sounds like you are accidentally opening your installer (the MISI file used to install MsueScore onto your program) rather than MuseScore itself. Assuming you did in fact install MuseScore, there should be a separate icon for that. Be sure to use that, not the installer. I would say, delete the installer icon to avoid confusion, but that can actually cause problems, at least on Windows. Normally the installer wouldn't just go to your desktop so you wouldn't see it, but perhaps you chose to place it there where you initially downloaded it. So maybe just move it out of the way where it won't cause further confusion.

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