Notating repeats and jumps in the attached score? Help for a beginner please

• Oct 20, 2021 - 21:55

This song score has three major sections: vocal verse, chorus and cello part. The desired order is:
1. bar 1 anacrusis. Bars 2-26 Verse 1+ chorus
Return to bar 2. then play bars 2- 16 verse 2
Return to bar 1. anacrusis then play bars 2- 42 verse 3+chorus +cello part
Return to bar 1 anacrusis. then play bars 2-16 verse 4
Play bars 43-end

Please advise me how to notate this pattern so that the score plays correctly
I am unable to comprehend the manual instructions
Thank you

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Your roadmap is a little hard to follow but just off the top of my head that sounds too complicated for standard music notation repeat structures. You may have to write out major sections of the piece twice in order to accomplish what you are going for. Repeat structures are pretty simplistic (on purpose), there is not a lot of complexity that allows for nested repeats of variable length. Marc's Music Cafe video on repeats is quite thorough and should give you a good idea on how to proceed with your composition.

The missing beats upon repeat/jumps seems slightly odd; but you can get your desired roadmap using two jumps.
First Jump = D.S al Coda at the end of the chorus with the segno at the start of verse 2, the "to coda" at the end of verse 2 and the coda itself (made invisible and with a changed label) at the start of verse 3.
Second Jump = D.C. al Coda at the end of the cello bridge, sharing the already existing "to coda" marker at the end of the verses and the coda itself at m43

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