I cannot change the note duration on one instrument without affecting second instrument.

• Oct 22, 2021 - 19:24

I'm composing a score containing a solo harp melody and piano accompaniment. I wrote my first sketch and I want to change some note durations on my harp without affecting my piano accompaniment, but Musescore doesn't let me do that. If I want to switch from quarter to eight notes on my harp, Musescore just puts rests after my eight notes so they match the previous quarter note value and doesn't let me delete rests without going command + del. and If I do command + del, it fixes the problem but it touches my piano notes and makes them faster. I have been stuck on this, does anyone know any solution?


If you want the following notes to fill that gap, use cut and paste. Only you know how many notes you want to move, so MuseScore doesn't even try to guess.

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