• Oct 23, 2021 - 10:16

In an earlier version
there was the possibility to open a full list of all and any instrument /voice available. And to choose from this list. I can't find it anymore.


It's also possible you don't really mean "instruments" here but actually "sounds" - those are in View / Mixer. Instruments are how, for instance, you change from clarinet to guitar - it changes the sound but also the name of the staff, the transposition, the range, etc. Sounds are how you'd change the guitar from steel to nylon string for the playback.

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Hello Marc, I am enormously grateful. Searching forever within musescore for this application. I find it very useful and did use it alot. Coming gradually out of the doldrums of the past months returning to music and painting again. Not simultaneously, though. Thanks again. Take care.

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