How to write a jazz beat

• Oct 25, 2021 - 08:07

I am writing a flute score and can’t work out how to write the beat I want. The score is in 4/4 time, but each beat has within it 3 beats. It counts like 12-3 22-3 32-3 42-3 as though each beat was a triplet, but with the first two notes of the triplet tied to give one note. I tried entering it that way, as a triplet, but when I tried to tie the first two notes it wouldn’t do it. I can see that it looks like what I want sounds like a sequence of 1/4note - 1/8note. However I want each sequence to fit into the time for one quarter-note so that four of them fit in a bar.
Tried to look in the forum but couldn't think of a keyword to search.


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I have followed the instructions you have directed me to, but I haven't been able to achieve what I expected. The instructions have led me to the point where I can get the word "Swing" appearing over the bar where I want the rhythm to be used, but playing the music doesn't do it. I expected to be able to use the playback to hear the swing. Surely, it's not just a case of putting the word there for the musician to do it when playing? In that case, why give options for the % swing (and what does that mean anyway?). Embryo_1.mscz

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I think you meant quarter notes, and I would agree. I want to have two notes, the second about half the value of the first, and the two together occupying the time of a quarter note. I suspect we have a misunderstanding here and I may be asking the wrong questions. The stuff in your manual under the heading "Triplet in Tempo Marking" is what I'm trying to achieve. Maybe I should study this to see if it does what I want.
Thanks anyway.

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You want 2 8th notes, the first of which is being played longer then the 2nd, this is exactly what the Swing text achieves. The "Triplet in Tempo text" stuff is just cosmetics, no influence on the playback

Not the point here though, the OP was using the 'correct' Swing text. Just no 8th notes, only quarter notes

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I believe using regular text to write swing will not have the intended effect. (If that is what you are doing).

I am able to get the effect by selecting the note I want the effect to begin, going to Pallets>Text and selecting the word swing there.

You may have to have the extended pallets selected.

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