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• Oct 25, 2021 - 01:00

Hi Everybody: I feel certain this is an unusual request but thought if anyone could help it would be those on this forum.

I am a real newbie to the music field but a real oldie in age, in my 90s. I have reminiscing about my Dad's singing. He had a lovely baritone voice. I particularly remember during the 1930s he would sing while doing things around the house. He was a great fan of the Eddy/MacDonald duo. One tune he sang often is the one I am searching for. It is difficult for me to describe in musical terms since I'm not a musician. I joined musescore for the help it gives me in learning to read music. I play the harmonica by ear only.

The best I can do to describe what I am looking for is what I have managed to plink out on a now unused piano. It has not been played since my beloved went to be with the Lord not very long ago. Here's what I have managed to put down in writing: (Notes on the piano)

C4. A. E. G. F. A. C. E D. D | F. E. G. #A. C. E. D. C. #A. A. |. C. A. #A. C5. F. G. A. #A ... and I can't recall anything further than that.

Is it possible that someone can play that music, on any instrument, and recall or find the name of the song? I don't know where to begin. Thus, my query. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



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Here is my best attempt to put the tune on paper in musescore. I have no idea what the flag means at the beginning and I suspect the first note should be a "grace" note. The tempo is as I recall it but it has been 80+ years so I might have this all wrong.

Hope someone is able to make some sense of it. I'd really appreciate knowing what this tune is that's been in my mind for a long time. There is a possibility, not likely but possible, that it is a tune my dad wrote. He had written several songs and sent them to Irving Berlin for consideration. Nothing came of any of which I am aware. Thanks for listening. I hope I've attached this in a form that can be read.


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Thank you again. I did follow that but had never seen that type of code before. I didn't even understand the concept until just comparing what you posted above to the melody. Many thanks but it looks as though there is not much hope of identifying the tune.


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Thank you for that reminder to post a clue about words ... I wish I could remember some of the lyrics. The only thing that keeps swirling around in my head, and I have no idea whether or not it is related to this tune, are words such as: "If I could walk". It is the strangest thing... I can almost hear him singing this song but the only thing that comes to memory are the notes of the tune I posted and I'm not positive that is the exact tune or rhythm. But I do appreciate those who have given it some thought.


If he was singing the song during the 1930's perhaps one of these will ring a bell:
You can browse year by year.
Also, it might have been an old song back then, so you can look at earlier years (like in the 1920's).
Maybe simply reading the title of a song will make a familiar connection.

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Thanks for that reference site. A bit difficult to get into (since their security certificate expired) but I did quite a bit of browsing there. No hits so far but there are so many years to search. I am thankful for all the resources available for these things, and for the people who have taken the time to make them available. Also thankful for ones such as you who let others know of what you have found.


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