Easier to switch between Master Palette and main screen

• Oct 25, 2021 - 16:52

I don't use the Master Palette all that often, but when I do, I use it a lot—like when I'm working with medieval notation. So I'm wondering if there is (or could be) an easier way of toggling between it and the main screen. A few ideas: (a) have it as one of the palettes that is docked (or at least able to be docked) on the left side of the screen; (b) have it display as part of the Inspector rather than a separate window, or at least have this as an option; (c) add a "Windows" menu that would display all MuseScore windows that are currently open and can be switched between.


The master pallet doesn't dock. It is really intended as the "store cupboard" for all the things you might need. You can drag items that you use frequently from the master pallet to an existing pallet, or to a newly created pallet. You may want to set up a complete workspace for mediaeval notation containing only the pallet and toolbar items that are relevant to your needs. For an explanation of how to do that see https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/workspaces,

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Yes, that's certainly an option, although I still think there would be value in making it easier to switch between the Master Palette and and the main screen. I understand that not everyone will find value in docking the Master Palette, and I think it makes sense to not have it docked by default, but why not let it be an option for those who would find it helpful?

I guess by "master palette", you really mean the Symbols palette specifically? No need to dock the entire palette for that - just drag the specific symbols you want into your own palette. Use either one fo the standard palettes, or click the button at top of the palettes window to add a new one (or more). Then you can access your favorite symbols as easily as anything else.

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