Missing features? Bass Guitar Ghost Notes + Hammer-ons and Pull Offs

• Oct 25, 2021 - 21:51

Two separate Questions:

  1. Ghost Notes: I see that you can change the Note Head to be "X" but Musescore playback doesn't recognize it as a ghost note and plays it like a regular note. Does anyone know how to enable ghost notes? Or is that not a feature that's currently supported.

  2. Hammer Ons and Pull Offs:
    does anyone know how to show this? Or is it not included because it is a choice one makes when playing. I'm only asking because the standard musical notation supports hammer on/pull offs.


MuseScore is a musical notation scorewriting application, and so 'X' noteheads can be displayed for the benefit of human musicians who play from the printed sheet music. Fanciful playback to produce recording studio quality output is best left to audio focused apps.
Having said that, MuseScore's playback can be manipulated to approximate the "sound" of ghost notes. See:
and listen to the attached ghost notes file included in that post.

Regarding Hammer Ons and Pull Offs, they can be simply notated with slurs, sometimes with added text like H.O. or P.O.

You mean for playback? You can use the Inspector to mark the note silent, or reduce its velocity to make it quieter.

For hammer-on / pull-off, as far as I know there are a few kind of competing notations for this, but I guess the ost common one these days is a letter placed next to a slur. MuseScore doesn't have a way to notate that directly in one step, but it supports both slurs and text. so combining the two does work. See #16262: Slurs: integrate a text option to enable annotations for hammer ons (e.g. H) and pull offs (e.g. P) for further suggestions, including how to create the other types of notations that are sometimes used (it's not really the case that music notation has fully standardized this yet).

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