How to stop measure from breaking onto new row?

• Dec 11, 2021 - 18:46

How do you force a measure to be grouped onto a specific row and not line-break onto a new row?

Attached are two files for the same tune, the first for the piece in treble and second an exact copy of the first but with the clef changed to alto and transposed down.

In the first, nearly all rows have 7 measures except the first and last. I want the alto version to be formatted the same. However, by simply changing the clef, now Musescore forces two measures at the end of rows to flow onto a new separate row. And for the life of me, I can't find anyway to fix this.

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swallowtail-jig-treble.mscz 30.03 KB
swallowtail-jig-alto.mscz 26.96 KB


For the record, the reason changing clef had an effect on the number of measures that would fit is that it required a lot more ledger lines, and thus forced several measures to be wider that they were before. A smaller staff size will indeed always allow more to fit, but also, simply selecting all and then reducing stretch (via Format / Stretch / Reduce Layout Stretch, or shortcut "{") a notch or two will also allow measures to "squeeze" together more tightly, which sometimes will also allow more measures to fit.

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