Drum Notation - Add 16th Note to 8th Note

• Dec 30, 2021 - 19:54

I'm trying to create something like the circled notes in the attached. I've tried using "start beam" and continue but I can't get the bass drum note to appear after the cymbal.

Also I'm not sure how to get the extra 16th notes in there and keep all 8 eighth notes in a measure.


It's tough to tell what's going on from just a picture; we'd really need you to attach your actual score in order to understand and assist. The notation you are showing looks strange to me - apparently one very very tall four-lined staff - not how drum music would normally be notated at all. Are you trying to reproduce that, or doing it via four separate one-line staves?

Anyhow, nothing shown there should require anything unusual in the beam properties, but depending on the staff setup it might involve cross-staff notation and/or custom drumset definitions.

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OK, this isn't really that much like the picture you showed, this is more a single standard five-line staff.

The issue here is that you seem to be trying to use non-standard voice assignment - why is your bass drum in voice 1 (stem up) instead of voice 2 (stem down)? That's definitely a style used by some publishers, but it's not the norm,a nd unless you have a specific reason to adopt that style (eg, you've been hired as an editor but one of those publishers), I wouldn't recommend it.

Anyhow, if you whatever reason you are needing to use this particular style, then you should follow the process described in the Handbook to customised your drumset definition to place all these notes in voice 1 by default. Then you can simply enter the notes left to right normally, no need to fiddle with voice changes.

But even without doing this, it should still be perfectly possible to create whatever beaming you want. If I'm understanding correctly, you want sixteenth - eighth - sixteenth, all in voice 1. So just enter exactly that, in that order. In note input mode:

First note: 3 (sixteenth note) A (snare) Shift+G (add hat)
Second note: 4 (eighth note) G (hat)
Thirtd note: 3 (sixteenth note) A (snare, to force voice 1) then hit Down twice to change the pitch to bass drum

But with a custom drumset, merely pressing B will enter the bass drum directly into voice 1.

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