Where are my Downloads

• Jan 4, 2022 - 11:15

I have recently been unable to locate my recent downloads when I "Open" my music.
I have pressed save and then went to open but it was not there.
It does show for a period in Most recent, but I need to find there lost pieces as I need to forward them to others.

Anyone out there with an idea or answer.



Which "downloads" do you mean? If you go visit a website - like musescore.com or any other that provides MuseScore files - and download it, a dialog pops up asking you to confirm the location for the download. Whatever folder you select there is where your file went. if you just accepted the default, then it's probably whatever folder your particular web browser defaults to. Easiest way to find out is to download another file from the same website (in case your browser remembers different folders for different sites) and this time pay attention in the dialog to see which folder is being suggested as a default.

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That is not how it works for me nowadays in Chrome. It just downloads the file without any confirmation of the location, but the downloaded file appears on a bar at the bottom of the browser, where I can then click on the little arrow to the right and find the folder where Chrome put it. For me this is always the general "Downloads" folder (in both Windows and Linux, don't know about Mac).

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