• Jan 14, 2022 - 02:32

PleeeeeeEeAse can you create an option to disable the automatic rest feature?!?!?!?! It's so frustrating trying to edit in the middle of a measure. I'm off to Lily Pond for now. Thank you to the kind soul who makes this feature change.


It's not clear what you'd prefer - having to work twice as hard to constantly fix the length of every measure after adding a note? The rests shouldn't be in the way, they get replaced as you add notes. So they literally cause no extra keystrokes / clicks whatsoever, but they do save many.

If you attach a sample score and describe what you are trying to do and struggling with, we can show you how to accomplish the task more simply.

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If maybe what you mean isn't about rests specifically but about editing in general, and the fact that msueScore leaves notes where you put them rather than automatically moving subsequent notes after making a duration change, check out the "Duration Editor" plugin (see Download menu above). This makes it some if you shortern the first note of a measure,e subsequent notes are moved earlier, and if you lengthen a note, subsequent notes are moved later. So it's not really about rests per see, but I have a feeling that might be what you are talking about anyhow.

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