(some) instruments not playing/cutting out on large scores

• Jan 18, 2022 - 01:02

Hello! I have only just recently noticed this problem while working on a marching band show. I am using a very large score template (67 instruments {some hidden}) and I have noticed that some instruments do not play back until I actually go and select a note on that instrument and then press play. some instruments also decide to cut out mid-phrase during playback, it resets every time I close and reopen Musescore, making it where I have to reselect the sounds each time. This issue is (while slightly annoying) not the main issue with them cutting out while editing and updating the score. The main issue is when I go to export an MP3 of said score and the same instruments do not play back on the MP3, even if I had already done the trick of selecting the note before exporting. I do use soundfonts for all instruments except for string + vocal sounds (synths) and the drumline sounds. I don't know if the soundfonts are an issue or if I am just overloading Musescore and there is nothing I can do.

Thank you!

Nathan B.


We're probably going to need a score.
Are you having multiple staves playing the same part? I.E. six six trumpet staves all playing the 1st trumpet part to make playback sound more like a section? If so,this doesn't work. It just makes the part sound louder.

You shouldn't have to reselect the instruments every time MuseScore starts.

Are you mixing sf2 and sf3 fonts?

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Oh, no. I know I cant make "section" sounds like that, In fact I do double some instruments to make them louder i.e. Flute, clarinet, mellophone, etc... But no, i mostly have the hidden staffs for score cosmetic/aesthetic purposes so I can have muted staves where I show what I truly want from the instrument and then have the hidden version underneath playing what I actually mean. this mostly applies to percussion instruments such as vibes and marimba so I can have attached suspended cymbals notated in a simpler way without having to switch sounds and mess with notation stuff every time I want cymbals. But anyways I'm off track. Yes. I am mixing SF2 and SF3. SF3 being MS General, and SF2 being everything else.

I have the files attached. in the actual score you will see the first part in the score where you see music I have synths 1 and 2 playing chords with most parts and switching sounds every few bars (strings to vocal/piano etc.) But In the MP3 files and any time I start playing without selecting note, the synths are nowhere to be heard despite not being muted anywhere.

(I apologize for so much text, just trying to be detailed.)

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