I don't get the "to coda" and "fine"

• Jan 18, 2022 - 05:39

This piece is working the way I want it to with the first and second verses repeating and the third and fourth verses repeating (with a bridge in there), but I cannot make it jump from the end of the fourth verse to the coda. I put in "to coda" which is at the repeat mark, but on the second time through it just plays through it.

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I see you put in a Segno. Where is the "to Coda"?
and look for 'Dal Segno (D.S.) al Coda'. It states:
"At the "D.S. al Coda" sign, playback jumps to the Segno symbol (i.e. the segno tag) and then plays up to the To Coda (i.e. the coda tag). Playback then continues at the Coda symbol (i.e. the codab tag)."

Also, to save time please explain your desired "roadmap" in detail, from start to end. (The way you want it to play, not the way it currently plays.)
For example, write:
1. Play measures 1 - 12 (take 1st volta)
2. Return to measure 5, skip over 1st volta and take 2nd volta at measure 13
3. Play measures 13 - 38 and etc....etc.

P.S. Use the Inspector to increase the pt value (point size) of any selected repeat or jump icon.
EDIT: OOPS! Posts crossed. Glad you got it sorted.

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