pdf import doesn't work any more

• Jan 20, 2022 - 17:06

I have imported pdfs several times and never had problems. But since yesterday the pdf import doesn't work anymore, even though I tried to import scores from the same collection I usually imported from. Also the settings when scanning the original notations were the same as usual and as recommended.
I am uploading a sample file whose import did not work.
The result of the upload is always"unsuccessful". What could be the cause? I would be glad if you could give me a hint. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the quick reply and the sample conversion. You are right, there are often many corrections needed, but that is still better than typing everything myself. And it does vary - some notes convert almost perfectly, some unfortunately very poorly. I was just irritated that no conversion was possible at all, not even a bad one. I tried it again with a new scan and suddenly it worked again. Thanks again for your help!

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Just for the fun of it, I also tried the pdf import. It also failed. So I opened the pdf in Acrobat. Then I printed it in black and white as a new pdf. This MuseScore was able to import. No chord names or cue notes. Most of the notes were correct,but not all the note values. No repeat.
I can't get the download version of Audiveris to work because I don't have Java.

I also opened the original in PhotoScore first shot. All notes and values correct. Still no chord names or repeat.

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Yes, sometimes it might be better not to scan in grayscale, but black and white. And thanks also for the tip with PhotoScore. I hadn't heard of it yet, but it seems to give good results. But my brief research showed that you then only get file formats that can be edited with Sibelius - is that correct?

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