No sound on playback of downloaded file

• Jan 21, 2022 - 22:55

I downloaded a file (Berceuse Chopin Op 57) that was uploaded to the site by PhilTA. I wanted to hear how a version I put into a score sounded in comparison to someone else's. Problem is when I play his version I have no sound. If I switch to my score, the sound is okay, so it is not a general problem with Musescrore but rather the downloaded file. Also there is no sound if I edit any notes on his score. Anything to look at? Is there some sound font setting that I don't have and needs to be set to say the default. Never played with any of that stuff so I have no clue what to look for or do.


Check the instruments' volume(s) in Mixer. Check the notes are set to Play. Look for hidden dynamics. If you can't find a problem there, Post the score.

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Open the mixer window (F10 for toggle); Click on the drop-down patch list next to where it says Sound: select the patch below and then select the first patch again and it will be fixed.
Reason: probably an sFz font was used. I used this process to get the sound into Fluid synth.

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