Who composed this score? Random image of a score found in Pinterest

• Jan 22, 2022 - 07:52

Links to the incomplete score:

The lack of the double barline means that the score is incomplete, however searching up "luna sheet music" or "moon sheet music" only leads to numerous other original compositions also titled "Luna" which aren't even related to this score.

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Yes, sounds like a sad theme from a visual novel or maybe turn-based JRPGs. I'd imagine it'd be played on piano although there might be slow string chords accompanying it or maybe an oboe could play the melody line, so something with similar instrumentation to Dragonspine/Stormterror's Lair slow themes from Genshin Impact.

I'm very interested in the full piece even from the one page, if I continue off this piece made by an unknown composer/unknown copyright, is it against Musescore's rules to even upload it here? So the first page will be kept intact but there would be a continuation made by yours truly.

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Don't bookmark that incomplete score. The whole musical has been very well transcribed in two Acts:

Lune is in Act II at 38:07

IMHO, this French-language performance (with English subtitles) of the whole performance is the best:

A very underrated musical, possibly because the English-spoken(sung) version was poorly produced.

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