[MU4 nightly] Unable to display multimeasure rest measure number ranges

• Jan 23, 2022 - 09:33

I'm getting an apparent bug with multimeasure rest measure number ranges in the 4.0 nightly. Can anyone else verify?

  1. Create a new score, e.g. with a single "Voice" instrument.
  2. At Format → Style → Measure Numbers, tick "Show measure number range at multimeasure rests".
  3. Note that "Vertical placement" is blank and clicking the dropdown does nothing.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Press "m" / enable multimeasure rests.
  6. The multimeasure rest does not show the measure number range.

Same occurs if you create a score in 3.6 with multimeasure rest bar number ranges enabled and try to open it in the 4.0 nightly (whether or not you choose to keep old style or use new style).

MuseScore master fe09254 (20220123 nightly) and 76bce4f (20220116 nightly). Arch Linux.

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MuseScore 4 isn't even in Alpha yet, please follow development and report bugs over at github and in the development chat channels.

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