How to add angled brackets harmonics notation on guitar tablature, such as <19>?

• Jan 22, 2022 - 03:01

I know for a fact that the author of the sheet below produced it with Musescore and achieved the desired effect, although my research couldn't conclude if this was done manually, using something from the symbols menu, for every occurrence in the whole sheet or if there is now a proper method for doing so:

Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 23-53-54 Pages - pages pdf.png


If you attach the actual score instead of just a picture, we can tell you how they did it.

Speaking for myself, I'd be thinking about using text for this - probably fingering, using a custom text style.

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First make sure display of fingering is enabled for the tab staff, in Staff/Part Properties, Advanced Style Properties. Then add the fingering normally - Add / Text / Fingering, type "<". Use the Inspector to set the style to User-1. Then do the same to add the ">" with style User-2. You could conceivably add a single fingering with a space between (use Ctrl+space for that) but then the width would be fixed.

Anyhow, then manually position as desired, and/or use the Inspector to set the default position for the User-1 and User-2 style. The reason for using custom text styles is to make sure offsets are interpreted relative to the notehead itself, not the default position for fingerings, which can vary. For example, for the "<", if you set the alignment to right,. Y offset to -0.50, then hit the "set as style" buttons for those controls, you can easily enter future "<" symbols without needing to position them manually - they'll be correct as soon as you select the User-1 style. Similarly, for the User-2, use left-aligned and the same Y offset.

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