visible navigator makes session restore last a minute and locks MS now and then

• Jan 26, 2022 - 16:42

When 'show navigator' in the preferences window is enabled, the startup of my MS takes about a minute in stead of a few seconds. The delay is in restoring the previous session, where I normally have 3...5 scores open (each 1 or 2 pages).
Also MS might lock up during use for a minute or so after some action in the user interface.
On startup and during lockup the system monitor shows that 1 core op my cpu is fully (100%) occupied by mscore.
This is completely repeatable. Startup without navigator only takes a few seconds.

I had this before, see issue but then I could not find the problem and after a few weeks of strubling and using and older version of ms, it disappeared.
Until now, but now I know what I changed in the preferences, first tab: on startup show Navigator and Play Panel.
Workaround: wait until ms is responsive again and switch off 'Show Navigator' in the preferences.

Attached is a screen image of typical session of mine, except that the problematic Navigator is now visible at the bottom.
OS: Ubuntu 21.10, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34, AppImage


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assuming the texts showing in the splash screen give a correct representation of time for the startup phazes, it is undeniable clear if the restore of (6 small) scores takes about a second (normal situation) or more than a minute. In normal situation, the complete startup of ms takes 7.2 sec from double-click on the start icon till the score that was visible on the last program stop is visible again in a responsive application.

However, (after a restore of an older preferences.xlm yesterday?) and today a cold statup of my computer, the situation does NOT occur anymore.
Please consider this case as closed.

Later yesterday, the restore of an older preferences.xml file and several hot system reboots did not solve the problem. Even got worse: the playback speed in the play panel was locked (could see mouse drag or mouse wheel, but slider just snapped back immediately) at about 120%, 140%, later 180%, either after select a loop end point, start play, or just after selecting the tab of another song.

These strange problems might hint to something on my system: buggy usb interface, or the AppImage runtime.
I might install the development environment so that I can build the native version of ms myself.

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Not likely: it was repeatable, in the morning and evening, did some tests immediately after each other to measure the time: equal withing a couple or seconds hand-timed, about the same as all other times. And always a cpu-load of 100% of one core for mscore, no swapping going on, 3 .. 1 MB memory free.

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