want to make fingering text below staff as a default

• Jan 27, 2022 - 23:43

First post. Great software. However, I cannot seem to save my settings for fingerings so that they appear below the staff each time i add a new one. I'm looking through the documentation and am having no luck. I've included an example file with the numberings as I want them to look


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There indeed seem to be no style setting for it; but setting one fingering in your score to "Below" and then Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Drag it into a palette does seem to work for me.

Adding it back to the score does enter the fingering below again. And double clicking it into edit mode and using space to move to the next note also keeps the new fingerings as "Below". So custom palette should work. (3.6.2 here)

For the record, the reason there is no style settings for fingering is that they don't always go above or below the staff in standard notation for piano or guitar. The rules are more complex than that, with some fingerings going above, others below, also some outside the staff, others within (and in that case, some to the left or the note, some to the right). So MuseScore needs to be able to put them all in their proper place, not be forced into all above the staff or all below (or all within the staff or all outside the staff, or all to the left or all to the right.

But, that's talking about piano and guitar; there really are no standards for fingering for other instruments since they don't typically use them.

In your specific case, it looks like you are only dealing with a single staff, and ony a single voice on that staff. Using staff text is actually a good idea here, and if you didn't know, you can use Alt+Left/Right to navigate from note to note in the same way as Space allows for fingering. You can et the default for staff text to be below. But the custom fingering element is a good solution too.

Actually, another trick you could use in the future would be to add a second staff above this one, and set it invisible in Edit / Instruments. Then MuseScore will think of this as the bottom staff of a grand staff, and the normal fingering rules do call for those to mostly be placed below the staff.

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