Appimage "Help up improve Musescore" lockup

• Jan 28, 2022 - 16:43

New install of Xubuntu 20.04 running xfce. Actually, this started in a once working install, is also present in a 21.10 install and is still present in a clean install of both Xubuntu and the Musescore Appimage. When I execute MuseScore- I see the Musescore splash screen which is overlaid within about 1000ms with a "Help us improve Musescore" screen which contains a couple of buttons about sending or not sending anonymous reports. These buttons are locked. The screen can not be moved. There is no access to the Musescore splash screen. The only remedy is to open a taskbar manager and terminate both mscore-portable and MuseScore-


Corrected by hitting the ESC key which closed the dunning box and allowed Musescore to continue. Thought this is a bug that should be fixed, or a message indicating you can advance past the screen with the ESC key, you may close this bug report.

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It is a bug between the used Qt version and your window manager, in which the actual active areas of the buttons are vertically displaced compared to their visual position.
This is outside the power of MuseScore to fix; but perhaps the usage of a newer Qt version for MS4 might remedy that.

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