Playback Function similar or purchased from Synful Orchestra product

• Jan 26, 2022 - 18:17

As I read through the Noteperformer specs and marketing, I couldn't help thinking that the playback strategy (right down to the 1 sec delay) sounds exactly like a product that came out years ago by Eris Lindeman called Synful Orchestra ( The solo and ensemble samples from Synful were incredible and I have not heard a better realistic playback since. The website acknowledges that in order for it to sound great, it needs a one second delay to anticipate the notes and that (at that time) no DAW or other playback platform had that capability. I'm not sure if Noteperformer or some other company purchased the rights to his technology, but if not, could Musescore explore this avenue, purchase the rights, and incorporate into the playback element. I would think this feature would push musescore to the forefront of all the other platforms solely for its realistic playback ability using very little memory or storage.


Noteperformer integration has certainly been looked at, but there are known technical and legal challenges, so the current plan for MuseScore 4 is to pursue a different technology that will integrate better, See the various discussions in the Announcements forum for more info, although it's not really that detailed.

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Hi Marc,

I was probably not clear in my question. There is an earlier technology (Synful Orchestra) I was referring to that seems to pre-date Noteperformer. Perhaps Musescore could approach Synful Orchestra (They have not updated their website or products for years) and find an arrangement to use their technology which, as I noted in my earlier message, seemed much better than Noteperformer. That is, if Noteperformer has not gotten to Synful Orchestra first.

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