Creating stemless slash notes in 2.0 github-musescore-musescore-1ccf85a

• Jul 16, 2014 - 12:50

I've mostly been using 1.3, and decided to try a 2.0 nightly build to see where things were going.

I'm creating a lead sheet for a jazz band, so want to have "slash chords" (i.e. stemless notes) in a solos section with chord names above.

How do I create stemless notes in 2.0? In 1.3, I could select a range of notes and right-click to get at a Properties dialog. In 2.0, I seem to have to go to a Measures Properties dialog to set the measure to be stemless. Which works, but I can't copy it to the other bars that need the same look.

There has to be an easier way that I'm just overlooking.



You can Ctrl + click several notes and open View -> Inspector. There should be a "stemless" option for chords. In the same window, you can also change the notehead to slash.

In 1.x you can't set a measure to be stemless, just a selection of notes.
in the nightlies you can't even do that, you'd have to make them stemless one by one, using the inspector (F8)

I take that back, it works in measure properties too

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