recently save scores blow up when opening them

• Feb 14, 2022 - 17:02

I think I found a bug. I use a template that I created in a previous version of musescore. I use it all the time. I upgraded to When I save my score and reopen it later the thing blows up. I attached a image showing what happens when I open the file. Unfortunately, I can't show you what it looked like before it blew up. This is happening every time which is very frustrating. This score fit on one page and now its on two. I am not sure why this is happening.


"Hymn Template.mscx" does ipen, but is pretty empty (and at just 7.13 KB and being named 'template, that might indeed be the correct). It does stem from MuseScore 3.3.4, which is pretty outdated, ebven the latest, 3.6.2, is a year old by now.
Hymn_For_A_Patron_Saint.mscz opens just fine here, but does have system breaks at odd places.
It showes no traces of having been created with a pre 3.6 version.

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This is what I remember it looking like before it blew up. Except, I had set the lyrics to not follow the staff size and I was using the old default lyric text Freeserif, 10pt. The page settings are not what the template is set to. The breaks seem in odd places because it blew up. There should be a break at "stone" measure 8 and then at measure 16, and 23.

If I open an old score and keep my old styles, I don't have an issue when I open it back up later. It's only with newly created scores and only when you open them back up. It seems musescore is ignoring the old settings. Should I open the template and resave under the new update or will blow up the template to?

I should add, when I reopened this score it indented the first measure. It shouldn't have done that?

It's not really clear what you mean by "blow up" here, but when I open your score, it is not clear that anything is amiss except for oddly placed system breaks as mentioned. Looks like you changed to the new fonts which are different sizes than the old. if you wanted to preserve the exact look of your original score, it would have been better to stick with the original fonts and settings.

If you can find a version of the scroe from before you made those changes, then we can compare and we'd be able to better understand and assist.

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