Batch Load style

• Feb 14, 2022 - 22:17

I haven't found a plugin that can do this, so I guess this is a request. I would love to see a plug in that can take all musescore files in a specific folder and add a chosen Style (from the Load style menu) and save the files.

To take this one step further, it would be nice if we could choose which of the style categories (System, Clefs, Accidentials and so on) one would like do load. This would be nice if I were to add the same footer (with copyright information etc.) to many musescore files.


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I'm looking for a way to achieve the same thing, apply one .mss style sheet to an entire folder of scores. I can't figure out how to get everything to work in the terminal. Is it at all possible to create a plugin that can do this? I'd like to make it worth your while if you're able to create something.

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