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• Feb 27, 2022 - 02:24

I'm working on a set of figures for an article and have a tricky spacing problem. First of all, I've had to work hard to get the music on one page, so I'd love feedback on that. Second, the second eighth note in the attached picture (JLA_FIg7.png) is too far to the left for some reason, and I can't figure out why. This occurs once in all of the top voices of each choir.

The page size of this image doesn't really matter (I've been doing all the others on letter size) since it's going to be inserted into a document. I'll be exporting to png and converting to tiff. I've attached the original image I was given (Picture7.png).

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You wrote:
First of all, I've had to work hard to get the music on one page...

I opened your attached score and found 3 pages -- with 2 page breaks! Delete the page breaks and you'll get one page.
(What's the story with the time signatures?)

Also, here's a comparison of your picture JLA_FIg7.png compared to how I see that bar when I open your score:
They are different. Are you sure you attached the correct .mscz file?
What version of MuseScore?

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Yes, there are three pages in the file to accommodate ties, but I'm trying to fit mm. 33-37 on one page. Each staff has a different time signature. I don't know the piece at all, I'm just doing these figures for a friend.

I don't know why the example is different for you- the content is fine for me. Yes, it's the correct file. Version

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