Suspect error in manual p.60 under "How to enter notes in different voices" point 3

• Mar 21, 2022 - 01:31

MuseScore Version:, Revision: 322f34,
Windows: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Version: 10.0.19043 Build 19043

After 'Click on the "Voice 2" button . . . and before Enter all the lower voice notes (down-stem).'
Insert suggestion:
This makes the note selected a voice 2 note but simultaneously a voice 1 pause was created.
Select the (blue) pause and select Voice 2, this switches the voicing of the originally selected note back as a voice 1 note and the pause is now marked as a (green) voice 2 pause.

and then use the original text: 'Enter all the lower voice notes (down-stem).'

I'm sure most beginners like me stumbled on this one originally but eventually figured it out but . . . ;o)


I'm not understanding the proposed change though. There isn't anything at all necessary between those two steps. Click the voice button, then immediately begin entering notes and rests. no additional steps needed, no additional voice 1 rests are created. Perhaps you skipped step one, entering note input mode first?

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