cant get things lining up perfectly

• Apr 4, 2022 - 23:41

It's not too bad, it is useable but it would be really nice if I could get everything lined up properly. I have not yet finished putting in the fingering and bellows (this is for accordion) direction but it should be obvious what i am trying to acheive here. What is not at all obvious (well not to me) is why I can't get everything to line up properly. If someone could explain what to do (or even do it :) ) that would be wonderful. Thanks in advance

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Actually, I'm not totally sure what you'd like, but maybe you mean, you wish each scale to have the same width so ti appears as two neat columns? Since they have different accidentals, the "natural" width of each differs, but you can alter the widths of the horizontal frames to fudge things to get them the starts of each example to line up, if that's the goal. You also need to fiddling with stretch here and there to equalize measure widths where needed. The downside of all this will be, the spacing will of course be quite inconsistent, since the scales with more accidentals will need to be squeezed more to fit into the same space as the scales with fewer.

You will also want to disable automatic placement for the images you've added as they are allocating extra space. And also, use section breaks more consistently so each exercise starts a new section, which will give you consistent indenting without the need for the leading frames on some system. Although actually, you probably also should disable indentation (Format / Style / Score) as it doesn't buy anything here and just makes each system more crowded.

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Hi Marc

Thank you for your help.

Yes I am trying to get them to line so the two columns start and finish directly above and below each other. I am prepaired to live with the spacing issue caused by the width of the key signature because in thoery it should not amount to much,

I am going to want to print this out so the indent might be worth keeping?

I am not sure how to disable automatic placements but if the extra space lost is consistant then, again I can live with this.

The silly thing as I see it is the frame between the two columns. If you could slide both the left and right sides then everything would be so simple. Maybe there is a way to turn that option on? but if not all you can do is slide the right hand side and if you to that to move the right column left then the left column automatically moves right, defeating the object entirely.

If by fiddling with stretch you mean the shift ] then i can't seem to equalize measure widths like that. it wont go any smaller and if I try to make it the tiniest bit bigger it doubles in size and takes over another line :(

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