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• Apr 3, 2022 - 20:48

i'm trying to generate a unison choral piece with NO time signature and don't seem able to do that. I need 4 measures with Chant style parts with no time signature that allows me to use notes of various values in the same measure. How can I do this?


Have you ever received a complete answer to this question, or figured it out yourself? If not--

You can certainly delete a time signature by right-clicking on it and then, um, just hitting "delete". This will set the measure length to a default of 4/4 (common time). HOWEVER, one of MuseScore's great flexibilities is that the "actual duration" of a measure doen't have to match its "nominal duration": Use "measure properties" to set the actual duration to as many beats as you need--a small gray plus (or minus) sign will appear at the end of the bar--and enter your notes. For that added "Chant Style" look, you can right click on one of the note stems, select "all similar elements" (or "all . . . within range selection"), and then hit "v" to render them invisible--voilà, stemless noteheads! (Real "Chant Style"--i. e. Solesme neumatic notation, etc.--is not supported in MuseScore, at least not in any practical way, alas.)

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Dunno. I've used this method countless times, and none of my scores have become corrupted as a result. Under "Staff Properties," I don't see an option to "Disable Time signature," just "Do not show . . ."--i. e., render it invisible. Am I missing something? Anyway, making the time-signature invisible means that you'll still have to deal with such weird signatures as 19/4.

Under "Staff Properties/Advanced Properties," there is an option to disable note-stems, although my suggestion yields pretty much the same results, and is easier, especially if you want only one section of a part to be stemless--i. e. a chant incipit.

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