Import MusicXML

• May 22, 2022 - 06:05

I see a way to import PDF using the webpage. I don't see a way to import MusicXML. I'm using the free version. Is MusicXML a subscription version?

Thanks, wizards. <3


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Good to know! We always put MusicXML into Distributed Proofreaders books with the MP3; however, I'm also advocating for PDF too. It becomes downloadable sheet music for readers who want to play the music on their own instruments.

Thanks again, Jojo. I'll go back to being vocal about how music is shared in books again. Woot Woot! <3

There's no unfree version., The subscription is only for the Pro account in, and the mobile apps, not for and the MuseScore editor at all.

You import MusicXML simply via File > Open

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