Can't get rid of gray rest

• May 25, 2022 - 01:28

In bar 20, gray rests show up in parts that are tacit, like the trumpet part. I believe this has something to do with the grace note in the clarinet part.

Any ideas?

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You can't delete that rest because it is musically necessary. It has nothing to do with grace notes in other parts, it's just about making sure the beats add up in this measure in this part. At the beginning of the measure you have only a whole rest, which takes 8 eighth notes worth of time, leaving 4 eighth notes left in that 12/8 measure - hence the half rest to represent those 4 eighths.

Presumably you mean to leave that measure empty rather than enter two rests into it. So, simply select the measure and hit Delete. Now those rests are gone, replaced with a full measure rest. And then, it gets subsumed by the multimeasure rest.

A full measure rests looks a lot like a whole rest, but whole rests are left aligned, and full measure rests are centered. Full measure rests are what is there by default - the whole rest would only be present if you entered it explicitly.

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Thanks, Marc. That worked, though I'm still a bit confused since the score did not show a whole note rest, which, as you say, would not have filled the bar. It was a dotted whole note rest, which would have taken up the whole bar, though it didn't look like one in the part, only the score.

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Your score doesn't show anything for that bar in the trumpet part, because you have "hide empty staves" enabled. but if I turn that off, I see exactly the same thing in the score that I do in the trumpet paert: whole rest, half rest instead fo the correct full measure rest. I see the same thing on a number of other parts, including ones labeled "P2", "Z" and "Q", plus the bassoon, violins, and violas.

My guess is you were copying and pasting between these parts and the clarinet part, which does have a rhythm that matches up in part with this one.

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