Closing and Saving Scores

• Jun 27, 2022 - 02:27

I was wondering if Musescore can support a feature similar to Eclipse where you can close multiple scores at once. By option clicking on a score tab, an option menu would appear where you can choose to close the current score, the scores to the left/right, or all scores.
And there should be an option in the preferences panel where someone can choose to "save scores on close", that way you're not annoyed by a confirmation box.


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Firefox doesn't save webpages automatically as local (user) files? What it does is save your session and remember which files were open.
As does MuseScore if you choose it to do so in Edit → Preferences → General → Program Start.

But this indeed doesn't mean "save all open files", including of course the unspecified wish of how to handle new files..

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