How to remove empty measures from an instrument

• Jun 29, 2022 - 21:24

Hello, I'm trying to make a SATB tab, but instead of SATB I just use 4 Pianos (I like the piano sound better). The Tenor only sings for the first 8 measures and then stops singing for the rest of the song. I'd like the entire Tenor measures to disappear. So it'd be SAB. But I'm having some trouble doing that.

When I select the tenor measures and press CTRL + Del, all measures delete (even the SAB). I tried hiding empty measures but that only deletes measures at the end (The empty tenor measures are still between the already filled SAB measures). I'm unsure what to do. Any advice?

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1.) Don't make them Piano's, but change your instruments back to SATB; if you want a different sound, use the Mixer for that

2.) "Hide empty staves" is the style setting you'd need for what you describe.
Attach your score (not a picture, the actual mscz-file) if you want us to be able to tell you why it isn't working as expected in your score and how to fix it.

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