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• Jul 13, 2022 - 17:52

So a couple of things I need help with. Lets look at the tremolo in measure 63. The tremolo style does not appear in the Inspector. Is this a bug?

Second, I need to figure out why my volta's first & second ending isn't working. Measure 58 begines the repeat back to measure 27. I get to measure 55 again and I need to jump to measure 59.

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With respect, I very well can't set the "style" of the tremolo if it's not showing up in the Inspector. Please see the attached. Notice how the tremolo is high lighted in the score but nothing is showing up in the Inspector. How does pointing me to the hand book help me? I normally don't post on the forum until I have read the handbook. I really don't like "canned" replies.

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"Old style" tremolos where the tremolo beams join the stems only make sense for minim [half note] tremolos and therefore there is no similar option for other durations. For the case you have in measure 63, the notation you have is correct. Gould says "Sometimes, in older scores, crotchet tremolos are joined by a quaver beam, but this is incorrect." The reason it is incorrect is because it would be confused with a quaver tremolo where the notes are (always) joined by a quaver beam.


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I pointed you to a "How to", not a "normal" handbook page, since you may be intent on producing a "beamed" tremolo. Something like this?
That link I supplied states at the very top of the page:
"This How To is superseded by the built-in tremolo style option as of MuseSciore 3.6.0, you can set it using the inspector.
The old how to is available below for those that might still have a use for it."
So, despite the warnings here, perhaps you have a use for it

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