Arturia MIDI Keyboard

• Jul 19, 2022 - 19:04

I have checked the forum. online, existing bug reports and all the resources I can find. And I still don't see an issue that mentions mine specifically. I have just installed MuseScore 3, and am using an Arturia Keylab88, purchased last month. Midi on it is fully functional, works on all other programs and external MIDI devices.

Issue is that I can't get the keyboard to input notes in MuseScore. MIDI device is selcted, and Keylab shows on the I/O devices. Oddly, the DAW buttons on the Keylab input notes, but not the actual keys! I have restarted KB, unplugged the USB cable, restarted the compute, restarted MuseScore, and so on. After several days, no luck. (PS, I can enter notes via computer KB). Thanks - Colin


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Many thanks for your message. Yes I had already gone through all those steps, Yes the MuseScore was started after the keyboard was switched on. MIDI is sent to MuseScore from Arturia Keylab 88, but through the DAW Commands buttons, not the keyboard itself. Very odd.

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